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About us


About our company

EvroDom21 is a reliable company that has established itself in the market for servicing buyers and tenants of real estate in Bulgaria. Our company EvroDom21 offers you a wide selection for the purchase, sale and rental of apartments, apartments, villas, houses and cottages. We can be interesting for homeowners, sellers and buyers of real estate, as well as for tourists who want to relax in hospitable, sunny, welcoming Bulgaria.

On our site you will find unique rental offers for all types of real estate in different cities of Bulgaria for different rental periods.

You can take care of your vacation, vacation, trip to Bulgaria    in advance, independently book any type of real estate on our website. At your request, we can arrange for you a transfer from the place of arrival (railway station, airport, etc.) to your place of residence anywhere in Bulgaria.

Thanks to mutually beneficial cooperation with homeowners, we offer rental at the most attractive price for you. Prices on our website include all standard taxes and fees.

For those who decide to buy property in Bulgaria, we guarantee that the apartment, apartment, house or villa you choose will meet all the declared characteristics indicated by the Seller is legally “clean”, the transaction will be carried out in compliance with all relevant laws of the country.

EvroDom21 combines all the criteria of investment attractiveness.  The company cooperates with the largest and most reliable Bulgarian developers, and also has a large selection of secondary housing.  We carefully check all the properties for sale.

You make your choice - we guarantee full legal support.

We have a flexible and confidential approach to each of our clients.

In addition, we will be happy to provide additional intermediary services related to servicing your future home: repair, operation and maintenance of housing, any type of insurance, payment of taxes.  At your request, we can equip housing with everything necessary.  We can take care of your property in your absence.

We value Your opinion, Your mood, Your trust.

All our work is not one-time deals, but real partnerships in which trust is the best basis for the relationship between the parties.  Therefore, we are grateful that you chose us, EvroDom21.

We are always glad to see you in our office at the address: 8230, Bulgaria, Sunny Beach, apt.Camellia 283