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popular articles

Holidays in a warm, Balkan country are remembered thanks to the hospitable locals, delicious national cuisine, clean beaches, the gentle sea, the beautiful greenery of the parks and the opportunity to see virtually any city on your own.

Good country Bulgaria!

Beach holidays, holy places and healing springs, amazing interweaving of architectural styles and ancient monuments, wonderful nature, ski resorts and clean air of eco-routes, and most importantly - everything is nearby, everything is compact. The size of the country allows for one trip to cover several regions at once and gain experience exactly until the next arrival in this hospitable region.

The Bulgarian currency is the lion. The lion is approximately half the euro. The smaller coin is stotinka, one hundredth of a lev.

In Bulgaria, there are three main mobile operators: "Telenor", and "Mtel". Prices and conditions of the company offer approximately the same.

The Republic of Bulgaria is ready to surprise even the most sophisticated traveler with its sights - natural treasures, will reveal to you incredible beauty mountains, lakes, vineyards and pink valleys, national parks and forests, architectural monuments will tell you about different eras - from Byzantines and Romans to the struggle for independence from the Ottoman empires, Impressive temples and churches will not leave indifferent even a non-religious person. There are not many large cities in the country, but only to study some of them, you can safely spend your entire vacation. Bulgarian cities breathe tradition and antiquity, in each district you can find an old temple or monument, so urban tourism is very interesting.

Bulgaria, Sofia: Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Monasteries, churches and temples are also the basis of a separate type of tourism, pilgrimage to the holy places of Christian Bulgaria is a popular and sought-after destination. Even not particularly religious travelers should visit the main temples of the capital, as well as the unique Rila and Bachkovsky monasteries, perfectly preserved to this day.

Another remarkable feature of Bulgaria can be safely used to get acquainted with the diversity of Slavic and European culture - the cities and resorts of the country from spring to autumn host a variety of various festivals and competitions. Music, dances, films and cartoons, folk art - you can’t count all directions, most importantly, do not forget to learn about major events in the vicinity of your place in advance, you may be able to plunge into the bright colors of international events and remember a vacation for life .

The main Bulgarian resorts have sandy, shared and free beaches. This often explains their increased "population density", especially on weekends, near large cities. Paid beaches also complement, that is, umbrellas and sunbeds - for money: the cost of a sunbed is from 6 levs, an umbrella from 4 levs. Most Bulgarian beaches boast the Blue Flag of the European Union - a sign of environmental cleanliness. On the beaches you can play volleyball or tennis, rent a bike, ride a horse.

Those tourists who crave parties, adventures and nightlife should pay attention to the beaches of Sunny Beach and Golden Sands - there are all conditions for the most active recreation.

At the same time, 10 km of the wide beaches of Sunny Beach are suitable for parents with children, the entrance to the water in the bay is gentle, the resort's infrastructure is built almost on the same level with the sea, for children there is a lot of entertainment. But in Golden Sands with a child it can be difficult due to the peculiarities of the local mountainous landscape, and the entrance to the sea is not so soft.

Your choice Sveti Vlas is not a lively resort, but a place for a romantic or family holiday with cozy white sand beaches. In the evenings, there is no shouting music from the cafe, and in the morning you do not need to run to take a seat on the beach. However, lovers of active entertainment, a city bus in 15 minutes will deliver to the neighboring Sunny Beach. The main highlight of the city of St. Vlas is the marina Marina Dinevi. The city is located on the strip between the sea and the green forest on low mountains, due to which St. Vlas has surprisingly clean air with a light aroma of pine needles.

For those who value comfort and peace on vacation more than noisy entertainment, there is a direct road to the beaches of such resorts as Ahtopol, Kiten, Obzor, Tsarevo and Sozopol.Tsarevo and Ahtopol, until mass construction took over, the towns themselves are small, prices are low, beaches are clean and beautiful, and most importantly - empty. Sozopol will allow you to combine a beach holiday and familiarity with local architecture - the old part of the city is a solid historical monument under the protection of UNESCO. Kiten and Obzor is a good choice for families with children and budget trips. And the Review also has the warmest sea.