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And let there be more friends!

Dear guests of our site!

On the eve of the New Year of 2020, we are writing with many thanks to visitors to the site, to those who use its services. Thank you for getting to know our work, its positive assessment. Believe me, we really appreciate it and, of course, value the existing relationship!

We do really care whether you are satisfied with the level of service and care about the comfort that we are trying to provide you with - from moving into apartments, living up to leaving the country. We understand that you have been waiting for a vacation for a long time and definitely deserve the best possible vacation level. For us, a professional level and an individual approach to each client are extremely important. And this is not a declaration, but a real approach.

 We pay special attention to those who make a serious decision about moving to Bulgaria with its wonderful climate, sea, cuisine and extremely interesting history. We understand your excitement and are ready to help you to the maximum. In short, this is the optimal choice of apartments according to preferences, the bustle-free execution of the transaction, subject to its full legal cleanliness and safety, as well as consultation on the entire spectrum of issues of living in the country. And she is really good and comfortable for a calm and enjoyable life.

We are pleased to inform you that we have already established ourselves as a reliable real estate agency. Our employees are distinguished by professionalism and thoughtful attitude to the requests and wishes of customers. Nevertheless, every day we work to improve the service, quickly respond to your wishes, advice, recommendations. Feedback from customers and partners is one of the most important areas of EvroDom21 business.

The site is already available for English speakers. In development - Ukrainian and German versions.

There is nothing accidental in this life. Since life brings us together and you think about Bulgaria, then, believe me, it’s not just like that.

We work with people from different countries. Which countries are these? Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Israel, Germany, Poland and others. Many of our clients have already become owners of their Bulgarian homes. There is also something that is usually not talked about and traditionally not worried about - prolonging the relationship after the transaction. So, our clients, as a rule, also become our friends - we are ready to help with the rental of temporarily empty apartments, and with any advice on adaptation in a new country. It's in a human way. It is important.

We invite you to receive new pleasant emotions both in the purchase of apartments, and in leisure and travel around the country.

We really appreciate every customer.

Share a link to our website, invite friends.

And let there be more friends!

Thanks you!

Sincerely, EvroDom21