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Apartments with a view to the future

Someone will say, "We are living in a difficult time." And someone: "In the fun part: so many events, change, movement!" And this is true. And it is important to be in the flow of everything that happens, not to get angry, to take everything constructive that is around, and generate all the positive changes. Most people already believe that the world will not be the same after a pandemic. Although ... yes, they often want to leave it as it was, everything he aspired to and got used to.

But, obviously, it's time to change and change, the understanding that no one but us will "improve" us. And if there is freedom of spirit, then the choice to improve our lives will always be with us.

Let's look at the Bulgarian version.

Why Bulgaria?

  • a European country with a mild climate, similar to Ukrainian
  • From Bulgaria to Ukraine, are 800 km is not the distance, and the plane takes an hour and forty minutes
  • Bulgarian, which is very similar to Ukrainian, does not cause difficulties for initial communication, and after 2-3 months, you will notice that when you speak this Slavic language, you will sound very beautiful and melodious.
  • the proximity of mentality, it is quite important to a new place to feel great
  • religion – Christian
  • The black sea is a native and familiar, like the Ukrainians and Bulgarians, means that there are no problems with adaptation
  • lowest prices on almost the entire range of consumer products, people can afford to regularly visit cafes and restaurants
  • affordable housing (purchase and rental) in contrast to other EU countries
  • a simplified mechanism for the acquisition of real estate and residence permits (permit)

What was the purpose of purchasing property in Bulgaria?


  • movement in the country (for pensioners and economically active population)
  • to stay (private house, apartment for relaxing on the beach – for a perfect holiday in the summer)
  • income from letting (real opportunity to have additional income from rental)
  • for resale (buying in stage of new construction allows the sale after delivery of the object he earns 30-35% plus annual growth of property value)

To navigate and get an idea of property prices in Sunny beach, a decent home can be purchased for 20 - 25 thousand Euro., and it is easy to rent out if needed.

Who does not dream of own house on the beach?

Here it is possible. And for the price criteria and the abundance of choice, and it's an easy process to purchase real estate. To buy an apartment in Bulgaria for the Ukrainians it is easier than you think. We have suggestions for you to buy housing in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Sozopol, St. Vlas, Pomorie, Ravda, Nessebar, Sunny beach, Sinemorets, Bansko, Pleven, hundreds of sale from developers and secondary market.

On one page we can't talk about all the nuances that interest you. But we'll get online to meet you. We have all the answers to your questions.

Guarantee that your partner will be competent, considerate and friendly specialist, a true professional who is genuinely interested to meet the maximum of your queries. PHONE - +380 947-114-144

How can we help you 100%?

  • buy or urgently sell a property
  • prepare and properly execute all documents
  • rent or reserve an apartment
  • locate and select any object
  • choose a great tenant for long term rental
  • conducted all kinds of repair and construction
  • meeting at the airport
  • order and bring products home

Time for action! Change your life for the better, do not be afraid of the changes, organize them yourself, start a new stage of life, breathe new energy into your deeds, thoughts and plans. And you will see that in fact everything is good, new and right.

Be humanly happy, dear customers!