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Delivery of hot dishes from the restaurant. New service from EvroDom21

Would you like to have a gala dinner, a traditional dinner with your family, a party with friends or a romantic date in a private setting? No time or desire to stand by the stove?

Make an order for restaurant dishes on our website. And the best chefs, using only fresh ingredients, will immediately begin to fulfill your order, guaranteeing excellent quality and decoration of dishes.

What needs to be done for this? Go to our website and fill out an application in the appropriate section. The manager will immediately call you back, specify the address, delivery time and other details. After a maximum of one and a half hours, which you will spend profitably for yourself or at home, your order will be delivered to the address.

If you are planning a large festive event with a wide variety of dishes, place an order in advance and it will be delivered exactly at the time of the celebration.

When to order? The time of receiving the order is from 10.00 to 19.00.

The minimum order amount is 50 lev.

How to pay for the order? Currently, payment is made in cash to the courier, in the near future we will provide payment by credit card.

A nice bonus - order delivery is free for the customer!

Currently, we deliver fresh dishes in a limited radius of our location: Sunny Beach and St. Vlas.

Spend a few minutes to order your favorite dishes on the EuroDom21 website and enjoy its taste without leaving your home!