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popular articles

Which Russian doesn't like fast driving?

And what Russian does not like baths?

No, not a quick bath, but a leisurely and imposing bath? To stretch and have fun? To with herbal tea and a park of hot stones? So that first with moist hot air through the steam room, and then with a broom to the body with scorching waves, which take your breath away! And you want to at the same time finish the twin baths and continue the sweet execution?

And then, when it gets too hot, put a coniferous broom on your face, feel the fragrant scent of needles soaked in cold water, breathe freshly and easily - and as if for ten years you sped away so that you would not return?

And then get out of the steam room, with a hoot and a hoot, pour in icy water right from the bucket, from head to toe? Wash away everything that stood out harmful, accumulated over the week, and maybe indelible sins?

They say that the bath washes away sins and rejuvenates to the state of a baby. Not for nothing that a hot bath, birch or coniferous brooms, a barrel of ice water or an ice hole with cold water are in the Russian tradition. And the broom in the steam room is completely an original Russian invention that helps to expel toxins from the body, quickly and efficiently clean it, burn excess calories.

From ancient times, everyone went to the bathhouse in Russia, both old and small. They even gave birth to children in the old days in saunas in black, because it was such a sauna that was considered the most sterile place, the warmest and most disinfected.

Bath heals and rules.

And after a proper visit to the steam room, a person can lose up to 2 kg of weight. Extra note. And the Russian tradition of plunging into the winter hole after the steam room of an unprepared foreigner will completely plunge him into cultural shock. However, just such a bath can burn up to 1000 calories. It is unlikely that the ancestors heard something about fitness training and calories, this modern fun. And an hour of strength training in the hall burns an average of up to 400 calories.

And getting pleasure from such a non-standard tempering procedure? During dipping in cold water, the body receives a shake at the cellular level, and endorphin is produced in the brain, which is responsible for vitality and optimism.

That is why many - both Russian and Bulgarian - with reverence and special attention to visiting the bath. Peace of mind, relaxing muscle effect, rejuvenation, inner joy, restoration of strength, liberation from toxins, weight loss. emotional recovery, relaxation of body and soul ... what else is needed in our reinforced concrete and stressful age?

We will answer.

Yes, I need a bath.

But you need to use this wonderful gift that we inherited from Russian culture.Remember that in some cases, the bath is contraindicated - temperature, chronic heart disease, recent surgery or early pregnancy, a full or empty stomach. Relaxed lunch and herbal teas will help to relax and tune in the right way. Do not drink alcoholic beverages, they increase sweating,

palpitations increase, the load on the lungs and blood vessels increases, and the work of the kidneys almost stops. Simple rules, as we see.

Experienced bath attendants even recommend that before visiting the steam room, you first hold your feet in a basin of hot water with brewed herbs (10-15 minutes), and in the steam room lie down first on the lower shelves, get used to the steam. Then you need to disperse the steam in a circular vortex-like movements throughout the steam room, and only then - towards the body, so you will provide an effective warming effect. It’s not worth whipping yourself chaotically with a broom, it is important to follow certain rules. They are well described, and a professional attendant will select an individual regimen for you - with gout, injuries, radiculitis or muscle pain, it is different.

You can use a simple technique on your own, which will help you relax and improve your health. The secret is simple: you need to mix the salt with hot (not boiling water) water and apply this mixture to your body in a circular motion from the periphery to the center. The mechanical effect of the scrub is provided, but salt is also good for healing procedures, as a substance that cleanses esoterically, in any case, experts in this field say.

The second, third entry into the steam room. It’s possible on the shelves and higher, but watch out for sensations, you don’t need to overheat too much, take heroes too, if you feel overheated, go to the waiting room, catch your breath, relax, drink warm tea on the herbs ... feel how good life is.

They say that different people go to the bathhouse. And come out of it - the same. Happy!

In short, go already to the bathhouse!

And then do not forget to share your experience of visiting the bath (any experience is unique and invaluable). Write comments, tell, advise, describe cases and your interesting recipes.

Enjoy Your Bath