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Bulgaria is a gentle, warm sea, picturesque landscapes, a climate suitable for many, natural fresh local products and friendly people. Property in Bulgaria is an investment in your well-being!

We offer - Burgas, Nessebar, Sunny Beach, Pomorie, Ravda, St. Vlas, Aheloy, Kableshkovo, Elenite region, all the coast.



  • we work without intermediaries: this significantly reduces the cost of the purchase;
  • we offer various types of installments from 1 year to 10 years: this significantly reduces the financial burden on the buyer;
  • we guarantee the financial integrity of the transaction: all documents are 100% legally competent, with 0% risk for the buyer, as the owner of Bulgarian real estate;
  • we guarantee that the owner will move into an apartment with a modernized security system, a landscaped area with closed access, with a stylish design and modern layout, furniture and household appliances;
  • we guarantee that the owner will move into cozy apartments with a minimum down payment of at least 10% of the cost of housing (option of completed construction with ACT 16 and fully furnished apartments);
  • we are competitive due to the optimal combination of moderate prices and high quality of the services provided: in terms of the housing itself and in the related consultation procedures, processing the transaction, in terms of time and comfort of the entire process;
  • We are constantly updating real estate offers thanks to extensive partnerships;
  • We cooperate only with trusted developer partners: more than 500 purchase and sale transactions;
  • The list of grateful clients of our company is constantly growing.

(when buying objects at the construction stage)

  • You can choose the best option in the house (complex) at the construction stage: floor, area, price, view from the window;
  • You can follow the process of building a house, the quality of building materials;
  • You can significantly reduce the amount of investment at the stages (there are 16) of housing under construction: the lowest price at the initial stage (at the stage of excavation). With the passage of the next stage, the price per sq. m increases, and the choice of apartments decreases;
  • You can be confident in the use of modern building technologies.


Bulgarian legislation strictly controls the construction of new buildings and structures in the country.
The developer is required to go through 16 stages of construction and commissioning of a residential building or complex.

At each stage, an ACT of identity is signed. The very first and most important ACT is a building permit.

The payment scheme, which is provided for in the contract, is usually tied to the receipt of ACTs:
first payment: 10-40%, is carried out upon signing a preliminary of the contract;
subsequent money transfers: are made after receipt of ACT 14 (rough construction, house frame), ACT 15 (completed construction), ACT 16 (commissioning).

Physical residence in residential house or complex is possible even after ACT 15. But this means that the state has not yet accepted the house from the developer, although separate temporary meters for water and electricity have already been connected. In this, the developer, waiting for ACT 16, shows that it is important for him that you, as a future owner, start using your apartment and be satisfied.

It should be borne in mind that sometimes the developer draws up ACT 15, the owner begins to use his apartment, and the developer has not yet submitted documents for obtaining ACT 16 or submitted, but the house was not accepted. Risks can be minimized if you buy housing from a reliable developer with a trustworthy history, who has an excellent reputation, and behind his back dozens of ready-made objects that you can come to, see and imagine the quality level of your future home. EuroDom21 is the best assistant in this business!


Installment allows you to pay part of the cost of the apartment, pay the rest in equal installments:

  • monthly or;
  • one (two) payments per year.

An individual approach is applied to each buyer (discussion, choice of the best option, agreement).

Everyone who wants to buy real estate must know what is legally distinguished in the country:

  • total area of the apartment (living area and common parts);
  • living area (includes everything that is around the perimeter of the apartment plus half or the whole thickness of the wall, which according to Bulgarian standards is 50 cm);
  • common parts (the percentage of common parts is calculated individually, averages 5-15%, they include common areas - landing, elevator, etc.).


Any major purchase requires an analysis of the market situation and a clear understanding of the purpose of the acquisition. Of course, the desire to buy an apartment in Bulgaria is not accidental and justified. When choosing housing on the secondary market or from a developer, each buyer needs to take into account all the nuances - the area, the housing itself (residential building or complex), studio or apartment, one or two bedrooms, view from the window, infrastructure, at full price or in installments, etc. .

It is very important to use the services of a lawyer, a reliable real estate company in Bulgaria that has a lawyer. It is important that the points are clearly and precisely spelled out: the payment scheme, the obligations of the seller and the buyer, as well as sanctions against both parties in case of non-fulfillment of the terms of the contract - it is desirable that they be “mirror”.

It is extremely useful to be sure of the reliability of the developer. Do not be lazy, find out the history and reputation of the developer, what funds he is building with - loans or his own. It is important not to make a mistake - and then buying real estate will bring you the joy of owning and effective use!

EvroDom21 will be happy to select the most profitable, liquid and best option that suits you in terms of price, quality and location.

If you are looking for a reliable company to help you buy a home from a Bulgarian developer at any stage of construction, please contact us! Cooperation with us has many advantages when buying and decorating an apartment in complexes under construction and put into operation.
Among our offers, you will definitely choose the property in Bulgaria from developers that will satisfy the preferences of all your family members.
When In cooperation with us, buying a property in Bulgaria from a developer is fast and safe!