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Every year, thousands of tourists flock to Bulgaria, dreaming of an extraordinary catch. Fishing tours to Bulgaria are increasingly in demand. In Bulgaria there are all conditions for excellent fishing, and for the provision of all services related to it.

Bulgaria is rich in all kinds of water bodies: lakes, rivers, a reservoir, and most importantly, the sea!

Fishing is not only a sport, but also a favorite pastime and passion for many tourists!

On the territory of the country there are 105 reservoirs provided for amateur fishing, 52 of which are state property. Bulgarian reservoirs are characterized by a wide variety of fish species - zander, pike, carp, common carp, perch are widespread here.

In the rivers there is also madder, podust, chub. For example, in the mountain rivers of the country there are pike, trout, carp, bream, carp, stellate sturgeon, pike perch in the Danube.

And the waters of the Black Sea in Bulgaria are full of bluefin, tuna, bonito and Black Sea horse mackerel. Red mullet, hamsa, Black Sea gobies and haddock are caught from the shore. A little further away, at shallow depths, mackerel, safrid, palamud, mullet, loban, sea eel, zorgan, sea tongue, black cope and burbot are caught.

Fishing in Bulgaria


It is best to fish in the Black Sea in spring and autumn, when it approaches the coast, and in the summer season all that a fisherman can count on is gobies that are unpretentious and feel great both in shallow water and in deep water. There is also the possibility of catching a flounder, which local fishermen call a kalkan. In appearance, it resembles a cross between the White Sea flounder and halibut.

For fishing in Bulgaria a fishing ticket is required. A fishing ticket for a year costs approximately 13 euros (25 Bulgarian leva). Any foreigner who has arrived in Bulgaria has the right to purchase a fishing ticket. The validity period of the annual ticket is from January 1 of the corresponding calendar year until January 15 of the next calendar year. With this ticket you can go fishing in all freshwater bodies and at sea. This ticket does not apply to private fish farms (in private ponds you must pay the appropriate fee for this private reservoir).

Experienced fishermen are advised to fish on a pelengas in the waters of the Black Sea in the place where the Veleka River flows into it.