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How easy it is to buy property in Bulgaria

How to buy property in Bulgaria.

Our real estate company EuroDom21 offers a large selection of secondary housing and new housing from developers.

Why choose our company?

We offer you more than five hundred real estate properties in the famous Bulgarian resorts of Sunny Beach and St. Vlas, as well as in other cities of Bulgaria.

We help you significantly reduce the time and effort to acquire real estate of the desired level of inquiries.

We will meet you at the airport.

We provide free accommodation for the period of choosing a property.

This will help you to make the right choice without fuss and haste.

We bear all transportation costs in case of purchase of apartments.

We are negotiating with the seller to obtain a more comfortable price for our client.

We carry out an individual approach to each customer when choosing payment methods (according to payment terms, interest-free installments up to seven years).

We guarantee legal support and the purity of the sale.

If you decide to rent out your property in the future, you don’t have to look for companies for a long time, as our company EuroDom21 will be able to rent your property in the future.

We guarantee the rental of your property if necessary. This will help you cover the cost of maintaining the apartment and earn income.

You can contact us by phone, phone, vibe, e-mail.

You can familiarize yourself with the work of our company and its offers on the website – https://evrodom21.com/.

We can also send you additional offers that will arise at any time in this market of services.

EuroDom21 is a company successfully operating in Bulgaria. This is a company trusted by everyone with whom we work. We can be trusted!