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popular articles

Sooner or later, we think about life, sum up some results, ask ourselves the question: “Does everything go the way you want?” And thank God, if the answer is: “Yes. That's exactly right. ” And there would be more such people, satisfied with themselves and with what is around - work, neighbors, country, climate, orders, children, prospects, stability and so on. And even in this case, getting acquainted with the new information is also useful, are you successful because you know how to use the information correctly and on time? And friends and relatives are drawn to you for advice and help?

And if you are only looking for the answer to the question “what, how to change your life for the better,” then you are definitely at the right place.

  • doing business in Bulgaria is incomparably easier than in Russia, just pay taxes on time. And that’s all (!) It’s easy to open a business for a foreigner, it’s real
  • the cost of food, accommodation in general is affordable, even for pensioners
  • good school education and attitude towards children, there is a choice
  • the country as a whole is very calm, non-dangerous.

A little information about Bulgaria can help those who think about the changes in their lives and decide to connect it with this country. The availability of real estate will not automatically make you a resident of the country, but there is a certain procedure that allows you to obtain a residence permit, which, in comparison with other EU countries, is quite accessible to the average Russian. That is why Bulgaria is so popular for acquiring European real estate. And for those who are less decisive or less informed, who want to make their choice for sure, “on their own skin”, as they say, to check their future habitat, there is an intermediate option - to temporarily live in the country. And here we will advise, answer all questions, choose a rental, do not “drop out”, help.

What attracts Bulgaria?

A mild, warm climate, cultural identity, similarity of mentality, simplified survival in a new country, rich history and preserved architecture, an abundance of balneological factors, the sea. Low prices.

The main thing I want to say

We are only conditionally "seller" and "buyer".

Buying real estate will help to save the accumulated funds, to prevent them from collapsing in a crisis. A new stage in life - for sure! - will bring new joys. And no matter what decision you make - to continue relations with our company or not - just be happy! Dear, our customers!

8240, Bulgaria,
Sunny Beach,
Camellia Garden 2,
office 2

Phone in Bulgaria +359 885-281-974

Phone in Russia +7969 777-48-52

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.