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Yes, the situation is quite regular, and not only for Russians - you need to sell real estate, which for one reason or another you do not need today. Maybe you found another, more comfortable option? Maybe circumstances force you? But how much can a life situation requiring large sums of money change? Real estate in this case is the surest way to save the accumulated, which at the right time can be implemented. Yes, the liquidity of this product is not as high as that of the currency in the bank, but its safety is higher and the risks are less. Therefore, we say “thank you” to your Bulgarian apartments, which have brought you so much joy for a long time, and we will begin a new stage. Just everything has its time.

Where to start, whom to contact, what are the procedures, how not to make a mistake with the price, how to draw up documents, how long to wait, where to advertise, at whose expense the advertisement? A lot of questions, excitement, worries. There is one answer to this question - to contact a reliable agency that has proven itself in this market of services.

And he is like this: contact our company EuroDom21. We do this as quickly as possible, legally competent and safe. About our work - only positive feedback from customers. Become our customer!

Why is it profitable to sell with us?

  • fast, accurate, real-time assessment of your property - free for the client
  • Professional photography (video) of your apartments for sale - free for the client
  • fixed commission, depends on the location and parameters of real estate, is set once and does not change more
  • Only you set the selling price. We advertise the object at this price. And we are always happy to advise on all price nuances - free of charge for the client
  • full legal support for the transaction, you do not have to worry about the safety and literacy of legal procedures
  • advertising on specialized sites, thematic portals, print resources, social networks, etc. This is a serious saving of time and money. Free for customer
  • inspections of real estate with potential buyers. At any time, urgently, at the request of the buyer to "see the object live", we inform you about the inspections - free of charge for the client
    international marketing, the presence of a qualified international team, access to companies that invest in Bulgarian real estate, experience working with clients from different countries (Israel, Germany, Poland, etc.). This allows you to provide high marketing sales speed.

Agree that all of the above compares favorably with our company in the services market and is really capable of realizing the sale of real estate in the shortest possible time with the desired result.

The first step in selling property in Bulgaria

  • apply for an assessment of the property being sold. To do this, you need to contact us by phone or send an electronic application by filling out the form on the website of EuroDom21. Be prepared to tell the year of construction, the general characteristics of the property, location, floor, area, condition of the apartments, the presence of furniture, and other important details that may attract a buyer
  • give us permission to access the facility, conduct photo and video shooting, assess the real prevailing real estate prices, condition, location, etc.
  • We coordinate the final price and place an advertisement for the sale on our website and other resources.

We have found a buyer. What's next?

  • You confirm your consent to the transaction.
  • together we specify the price and the term of the transaction.
  • You decide whether to attend the transaction or not. There is an absolutely safe option for customers to make a transaction remotely (through their representative), through a notary public.
  • You decide who will accompany you in the process of preparing the necessary documents - agent, real estate agency, lawyer, lawyer.

By whom and how are documents for sale executed?

  • we conclude a “mediation agreement” with the buyer and receive from him a deposit of 10% of the total cost of housing. The receipt of the deposit confirms the seriousness of the buyer's intention, and its size is part of the price of the property.
  • then you need to scan your passport, notarial deed, declaration of marital status, a statement of the absence of arrears to the Bulgarian state, subject to compulsory repayment, power of attorney. And send scans and originals to an agent (lawyer, lawyer, real estate agency) in Bulgaria. An agent (lawyer, lawyer, real estate agency) submits documents for translation into Bulgarian and legalization. In more detail about the list of documents, notarization, sending - at consultation.
  • Note: Documents certified by the Consular Section of the Embassy of Bulgaria do not need to be translated and legalized.
  • Note: Properly certified documents determine your status as the rightful owner of the property and your consent to the sale.
  • note: your agent (attorney, lawyer, real estate agency) collects relevant documents from local services: “tax assessment certificate” (property assessment) and “cadastral scheme” (permit) for your property. Standardly this takes 14 to 20 days. It is possible to order an express service and receive documents within 3 days.

Final stage - execution of a sales transaction by a notary

  • We and the buyer specify the day and hour of the final stage, that is, the signing of the contract of sale in the form of a notarial deed and transfer of ownership. For this, both parties or their legal representatives are to the notary public.
  • Prior to signing the notarial deed, the buyer pays through the bank to the seller’s account and confirms the payment to the notary
  • after confirmation of payment, the notary writes the transaction in the records agency at the court (service for registration). After 2-3 days, both parties to the transaction receive a new notarial deed. The transaction is completed. Congratulations

What else do you need to know, to take into account that the transaction is completed quickly and to the pleasure of both parties?

There is a popular sign - the seller wants to sell expensive, the buyer wants to buy cheaper. True, the proverb sounds a little tougher: "Two in the bazaar ...". We do not share this opinion, because everyone has their own truth and their own reasons. Our job is to find a buyer and securely complete a transaction for a client. We are really interested in the fact that both parties are satisfied.

But here is what is important to know in addition

  • the real estate market never ceases to exist, but the dynamics of prices is a moving quantity. Do not believe those who claim that “real estate in Bulgaria flies away like fresh bread” or that “it is impossible to sell”
  • there is a difference in price: apartments in Sofia, Burgas, Plovdiv are sold faster, that is, in larger cities. But the likelihood of home sales in sea resorts is also high (Sunny Beach, St. Vlas ...), you can quickly find a buyer in the mountains. Slower home sales in rural areas
  • The main condition for an early sale is not the “low price”, but the correct price. Those are the ones that at a given moment correspond to the demand for housing and the number of offers on the market. Avoid the opinion that you can sell "at least for as much as you bought." The selling price can be higher and lower. Depends on demand and only.
  • Yes, over the past 8-10 years, real estate in Bulgaria has changed in price, and the euro has risen in comparison with the Russian currency, this is a fact that should be approached adequately - the fact is neither good nor bad. Moreover, real estate has fallen in price by 20-40%, and the euro in rubles has almost doubled. It follows from this that since there is a need for an urgent sale, we will estimate the final sale price in rubles, which we just needed: it is more pleasant economically and psychologically. Sellers are the winner!
  • remember that in online advertising the price is often overstated (which is clear from the point of view of the seller) and it does not correspond to the real ratio of price and demand.

In short, the procedure for selling an apartment looks exactly like that.

The fact that you are selling your own home in Bulgaria, a very comfortable country to live in, can be treated differently - basically, with regret, of course. But since you need to sell, then with our company EvroDom21 you will make it the least painful and the most comfortable. Always happy to help. Good luck at the new stage of life, dear friends!

Our coordinates:

8240, Bulgaria,
Sunny Beach,
Camellia Garden 2,
office 2

Phone in Bulgaria +359 885-281-974

Phone in Russia +7969 777-48-52

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