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Bulgaria is a favorite destination for recreation and real estate acquisition with many foreign citizens.

No wonder Bulgaria is one of the most beloved countries for vacationing and buying real estate. Convenient location, mild climate, rich history, sincere hospitality of local residents, tasty and healthy food, good educational opportunities and, of course, a large selection of quality housing at affordable prices - these are just a few reasons why many people buy property in Bulgaria

The most popular direction for buying Bulgarian property is the southern Black Sea coast. Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Ravda Pomorie, Burgas, Burgas Region, and of course, Sofia, the business center of the country.

EvroDom21 recommends that future buyers who decide to purchase property in Bulgaria (outside their home country) should visit their country in person, examine the proposed facilities and their surroundings. Final purchase decisions must be made only by visiting the facility.

If real estate is purchased for yourself, you must remember that housing is not limited to walls and a pool. It is necessary to evaluate the environment and understand what is happening around. For example: is there in the immediate vicinity all the necessary infrastructure, how long does the trip from the airport to the house take, what is the real distance to the sea and how is the exit to the beach organized, how is the complex located relative to other facilities. But also, of course, evaluate the quality of construction, decoration and decoration of common areas.

The main issue related to the acquisition of real estate abroad concerns all kinds of risks and difficulties that buyers may encounter. Buying property abroad involves certain difficulties, as you need to know everything about the ownership, rules and regulations of the country in which you plan to make this same purchase.

Property Bulgaria


Advantages of working with Evrodom21

The help of EvroDom21 is quite useful for you when there is interest in buying, or selling, renting real estate in Bulgaria. We can offer you options that are in a suitable price range and meet its requirements.

Thus, EvroDom21 can save a significant amount of time for the buyer. The buyer cannot save money if he decides to buy the property from the owner directly, since sellers usually offer housing at stably high prices.

EvroDom21 acts on behalf of the buyer and represents his interests. Our company also negotiates with the seller to get a fair price for its customer.

For example, resort property (acquired by you) is empty for most of the year. You can contact our rental company. Thus, you will be able to cover at least the cost of maintaining the property and receive income from renting your property.

When buying a home in Bulgaria, if you want your home to generate income, you must consider absolutely all the nuances. Not only the city and the location of the housing, its condition, but also the actual rental rates, and of course, the price of housing, are important. If you only intend to rent your home. The most profitable option, relatively low cost and high rental rates.

Often, it is difficult for the buyer to independently understand the specifics of the market and the country's legislation. With EvroDom21 you will have no risk when buying and renting real estate in Bulgaria.

The participation of our company EvroDom21 greatly facilitates the search for housing for you. We agree on housing reviews, take on all the difficulties of negotiations on the terms of the transaction, etc

Knowing and understanding the real estate market in Bulgaria. Our company EvroDom21 advises, is guaranteed to satisfy the needs of the client, we will help him understand the peculiarities of the mentality, the basics of legislation and more.

EvroDom21 company acts as a guide for you, to resolve all issues of housing real estate in Bulgaria.