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Property prices in Bulgaria are incomparably lower than in Israel!

Israel and Bulgaria are two sunny countries! With its beautiful nature and attractions.

Friendly country - Bulgaria, attractive for many tourists.

Israel is a blessed land, holy to many, many!

Looking at these two countries, it is impossible to say unequivocally, where is the climate more attractive, where is it better to live?

Bulgaria has mild winters, with an average of +5 - +10 ° C, snow usually reluctantly lies for a week, or even 2-3 days. It is not customary for long and wonderful spring and autumn. In these seasons, air temperature is above +20 ° C! Comfortably in a light jacket or T-shirt.

In summer, it is slightly hotter in July and August, often the air warms up above +30 ° C, but a refreshing breeze and low humidity blow. A lot of sunny days.

The climate of Israel also pleases with an abundance of sun and heat. Here are the same beautiful seas!

What else attracts to Bulgaria? So these are the prices of real estate, products, and accommodation in the country. Of course, they are incomparably lower than in Israel.

It is no longer a secret for many in Israel that in Bulgaria you can buy inexpensive apartments, the price tag starts from 9,000 euros. It turns out that for residents of Israel the price of buying a property in property is more than affordable. A large flow of Israelis rides and buys real estate in Bulgaria.

The distance between the countries is a little more than a thousand kilometers. In the modern world, this is not a distance!

Having bought housing in Bulgaria at an affordable price, you can comfortably spend your vacation, even a weekend. And you can also rent a house and get a good income.

For those who still want to buy their home by the sea, enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, enjoy Bulgarian cuisine, it can reasonably be said: Bulgaria is a reality! The hospitable, friendly country of Bulgaria is waiting for you!

Our Bulgarian company, EvroDom21, engaged in the sale of goods in the country - will help you with this!

Qualified. Fair. Quickly.

With our company, EroDom21, you are sure to find your home in Bulgaria.

A house that you want to return to again and again!

You can familiarize yourself with the work of the company and its offers on the website


You can be contacted by phone +359 885-281-974 to Vsapu, Viber, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EvroDom21 is a solution to all issues related to housing real