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Information from the company "EvroDom21" - a company for the sale of real estate in Bulgaria.

For buyers with small budgets, Bulgaria is still a very attractive country for real estate investment. For less than 30 thousand euros, you can become the owner of an apartment near the Black Sea (Sunny Beach, Saint Vlas, Pomorie, etc.), in the mountainous regions of the country, the capital or other cities.

It is obvious that in conditions of a possible devaluation of the national currency, it makes sense for the citizens of Kazakhstan to invest their capital in liquid assets. Bulgarian real estate is the best suited for such investments. Why? Because at the moment the ratio of the European currency to the dollar has reached a record low. This minimal ratio of euro to dollar is beneficial for Kazakhs who keep their savings in dollars, as it lowered the purchase price.

Moreover, according to experts, prices for these assets have already dropped to the bottom. Experts note some stabilization of prices for residential real estate in 2021-2022 and observe entering a growth phase.

We are ready to answer all questions related to the acquisition of ownership of real estate - in a timely manner, legally competent and beneficial for the client.

Note that procedurally buying real estate in Bulgaria for citizens of Kazakhstan follows the same rules as for all foreign investors. Including there are real and legal opportunities for obtaining a residence permit.

For pensioners wishing to move to Bulgaria for permanent residence, there is a simplified scheme for obtaining it.

In the Bulgarian laws, there is a restriction on the acquisition of land plots by foreigners. But when opening your own company and registering a site for a legal entity, this restriction is no longer such. Exceptions are EU citizens.



A citizen of Kazakhstan can open a Bulgarian visa at the official Visa Application Centers of the Republic of Bulgaria, also in the cities of Astana and Almaty, or directly at the Embassy of Bulgaria in Astana. The cost of obtaining a short-term visa at the Visa Application Center: at the Visa Application Center:

For more information on the procedure for obtaining a visa, a list of required documents for different categories of citizens, please visit the website of the Bulgarian Visa Application Center in Kazakhstan:

Embassy of Kazakhstan in Bulgaria:

Our company will help with the purchase of residential property, as well as with the purchase of commercial real estate and land plots, will provide professional assistance in supporting the transaction and preparing all the necessary documents.


For ALL questions - we will be happy to answer by phone + 7777 296 62 00