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Self-payment methods for individual electricity bill in Bulgaria

Dear homeowners, we remind you of the need for timely and full payment for the consumed electricity!

Electricity bills must be checked and paid every month.


We will tell you how to independently pay electricity bills in Bulgaria using the example of real estate located in the Burgas region (Nessebar municipality).

Self-payment methods for individual electricity bill in Bulgaria

To pay your individual electricity bill yourself, you need to choose one of the following options:

  • personally report to the local energy company EVN gr. Pomorie, st. Solna, 1;
  • appear in person at the EVN cashier at the post office (post) in Sveti Vlas, Sunny Beach, Burgas;
  • pay by bank transfer from any bank to an EVN account:



    IBAN: BG39CITI92501000109001

    ACCOUNT NAME:EVN Dulgaria Elektrorazpredelenie AD

     Note: Do not forget to enter your client number * in the payment details. Otherwise, the funds will not be used to pay your electricity bill;

  • pay by direct debit. To do this, you need to open a debit account in any Bulgarian bank of your choice, for which you need to personally fill out the documents for opening;
  • pay through the Bulgarian electronic payment system E-pay. Link for on-line registration in English: https://www.epay.bg/en/. First, you need to register your account and confirm your bank card, for which you need to contact the E-pay customer service as indicated on the website;
  • pay online via EVN Online Plus. The most convenient and reliable service. You must register according to the standard procedure at https://www.evn.bg with customer number, account number and current email address. After successful registration, enter the menu, then go to the options until the button "Pay by card" - after entering the card details, confirm the payment, a confirmation of payment will be sent to your e-mail. In the case of unpaid invoices, a "detailed information" button appears. In the Help menu, you will find visual instructions, an example and an FAQ. There are no additional costs, no commissions.


*The client number identifies the client. There can be several measuring points per customer number (ITN, several objects). Paying invoices with a customer number is a great convenience for customers who have several ITN (objects) and carry out settlements on their behalf.

**What is ITN?

ITN (Measuring Point Number) is a unique 7-digit number that identifies an object. The resource organization receives information from it, and the client makes non-cash payments from it. ITN-can be obtained from the office of EVN, gr. Pomorie, st. Solna, 1. You must have a notarial deed with you.

***Electricity bills must be checked and paid every month.

**** If you have any questions, please contact the electric company via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +359 70 017 777 or +359 70 010 007.

This payment can also be made by any authorized person (neighbors, lawyer, agency).

Self-payment methods for individual electricity bill in Bulgaria