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Самостоятельная уплата муниципального налога на недвижимость в Болгарии

In accordance with the Bulgarian “Law on Local Taxes and Fees”, the municipal tax is paid by each owner, who is obliged to submit a declaration to the municipality within 2 months after purchasing the property. Failure to comply with this obligation entails the emergence of debt, the amount of which may increase by the amount of the fine. In the event that the municipality starts a lawsuit, the total amount can be significantly increased by paying for the work of bailiffs. The worst case scenario is the seizure of real estate and the listing of apartments for public auction. It is not difficult to avoid this situation if you have this information, and the amount of municipal tax in the country is not high.


We will tell you how to pay the tax on your own using the example of the community of Nessebar.

To pay the municipal real estate tax on your own, you need to personally appear either in the Nesebar community at 10 Edelweiss Street, office No. 2 ("Mestny Danci" cashier's window) or at the St. Vlas office on the second floor (center, near the post office). It is enough to have only the Bulstat card with you. You will be given a printed receipt, which you will later submit for your visa.

This payment can also be made by any authorized person (neighbors, lawyer, agency).

Самостоятельная уплата муниципального налога на недвижимость в Болгарии

Tax payment can also be made to the municipality of Nessebar through a bank account:

Bank Account: in BGN

Bank Name: UniCredit Bulbank


IBAN: BG55UNCR76308400000400

More details: http://www.nessebarinfo.com/eservices.html

In the payment receipt (write the basis of payment), you must write:

  • Your names (full transcript)
  • Code No. 442100 (payment of property tax)
  • No. of your BULSTAT - card.

To find out the exact amount of your tax, you must call any of the following telephone numbers and ask for information from the cashier (using your BULSTAT number):

+359 554 29314 (Department head)

+359 554 29373 (box office №3, №4)

+359 554 29374 (box office №5, №6)

+359 554 29375 (box office) More details

How to get there by public transport?

  • Bus number 1 (from Sunny Beach)
  • Bus No. 5 (from St. Vlas and Sunny Beach)
  • Bus number 8 (from the Elenite resort complex, St. Vlas and Sunny Beach)
Самостоятельная уплата муниципального налога на недвижимость в Болгарии