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popular articles

If you are going to relax in Sveti Vlas, be sure to visit the Mercury Supermarket.

It has a convenient location, located directly above the roadway.

The store itself is large, occupies an impressive area, but one-story. In fact, this is the largest store in Sveti Vlas.

Here you will find a diverse selection of food, sweets, dairy products, a good selection of Bulgarian cosmetics, souvenirs and spirits. A diverse range of toys, household goods and other food and non-food products.

Prices are quite reasonable.

Constant promotions on various goods. Great selection of good cooking, Inexpensive.

The staff is friendly, speaks Russian, English and Bulgarian.

Convenient store work schedule, free parking, exchange office, there are toilets.

The area in front of "Mercury" is clean and well maintained.

For the convenience of customers there are baskets, trolleys and left-luggage offices.

In general, if you are relaxing in or near St. Vlas, then the Grand Market "Mercury" is located on the highway St. Vlas, towards the exit towards Sunny Beach. Near the store there is a bus stop and parking.