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popular articles

Supermarket Mladost is located in the resort of Sunny Beach.

Mladost is a two-story supermarket.

There is a small parking lot in front of the store, and Taxis are nearby.

There is a currency exchange office.

Inside the store there is an ATM and places to store things. Here you can take a cart or a food basket.

On the second floor of the supermarket there is an economic department. Here you can buy flowers, souvenirs, household goods, cosmetics, Bulgarian perfumes from roses, household chemicals, household supplies, dishes, personal hygiene products, clothes, goods for children.

The Mladost supermarket has terminals for credit card payments and ATMs.

On the ground floor of the supermarket you can buy food - fresh fruits and vegetables, Bulgarian dairy products, cheese, sausage, fresh meat, poultry, frozen foods, salads, cakes, bread, seafood and fish, cookies, sweets, canned food, olive oil. The supermarket offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages, including national vodka - "rakiya".

The store has affordable prices.

The supermarket is located in Sunny Beach, 1 stop from the bus station in the direction of Nessebar.