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popular articles

Near the supermarket Mercury, in St. Vlas, there is a very interesting place.
Here you can see the stands offering various tours of completely different directions, the sale of SIM cards.

There are a lot of offers.

People who come to the supermarket or live in Star Dreams, Medjek Dreams, can easily find this place.

This is the office of the travel agency "JoVi Tours".

Going to the office you can find out in more detail what the company is doing.

This company is not only engaged in excursions, it has a lot of other offers on a variety of leisure activities. There are tickets to water parks, the organization of various types of fishing, car rental and much more.

You can see brochures at the office of "JoVi Tours" Travel Agency.

We suggest you watch a short interview with the representative of EuroDom21 company and manager of the travel agency "JoVi Tours".