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Being on vacation in Bulgaria in May-June, be sure to visit the Valley of Roses. This is the name of the place at the foot of the Stara Planina mountain range in the very center of the country. It is famous for its unique microclimate, due to which there is a developed industry for growing roses and cosmetics.

Valley of Roses in Bulgaria

Location of the Rose Valley: The Valley is located in its geographical center south of the main mountain range. The approximate distance from major tourist centers is 200 km to Sofia and 110 km to Plovdiv. The center of this region is the small town of Kazanlak, spread out on the banks of the Tundzha River. The most suitable time for a visit is the period from May 20 to June 20. Just during this period, the Valley of Roses is filled with tourists; harvesting begins here, in which guests can also participate. And inconclusion, the most famous event is held - the Rose Festival. Mandatory attributes of the event are wreaths on the heads of girls woven from shoots with blossoming roses.