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What expenses are borne by the owner of real estate in Bulgaria

EvroDom21 company congratulates all new owners with the purchase of real estate in Bulgaria. This is a serious step and a new stage for every person with a taste for change, striving to improve his life and fill it with success!

We will help you get used to the country, we will inform you on all issues related not only to the acquisition of Bulgarian real estate, but also on issues related to its maintenance. This will greatly facilitate "getting used to" the new conditions. Bulgaria is a fairly comfortable country for permanent residence, tourism, summer sea holidays or winter mountain holidays, and the Bulgarian off-season is especially interesting for those who like to travel around this Balkan country.

This memo is addressed to those who have just purchased real estate, formalized the transaction and proceed to the stage of operation and maintenance of their apartments. What and where taxes are paid, how is electricity, water paid, how to pay the tax to the management company? Why is it important to do it on time?

The main and pleasant information for new property owners is that the amount of these costs is incomparably lower than in any European country, more than affordable for people of average income.

You can pay taxes in person, through a trusted person, or using the online bank account management service.


  • municipal tax on real estate (property) and garbage (otpadentsi);
  • tax for support, maintenance of the common areas of the management company (security, swimming pool, cleaning of the territory, landscaping, water and electricity in the common area, etc.);
  • payment for water, electricity consumed in your apartment by the meters.

Late payment of taxes entails the payment of penalties, their amount is insignificant, but a certificate of payment of municipal taxes is required when applying for a visa.

Bulgarians are more strict in paying for utility bills, which are verified twice a year. Having a debt means paying a fine for connecting these services.

Regulation of the payment of the annual maintenance fee for the complex is made through the management company, delays are possible, although not desirable.

What expenses are borne by the owner of real estate in Bulgaria