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Cookie policy

How we use automated data collection tools

We use and allow some other companies to use cookies, web bookmarks and other similar technologies (“automatic data collection tools”) in connection with our services, so we understand how you use our services and improve your user interface.

What is a cookie?

Cookies or cookies are computer text data stored in the user's browser for use on web pages, which allows you to identify the user's device and the correct behavior of the web page that corresponds to his individual preferences usually contain the website name, time storage end and unique number.

How do we use cookies?

Cookies and personal data The data you have collected through cookies can only be used to perform specific user functions on the site. Personal data is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

All information is securely encrypted between your device and our servers.

If we make changes to our User Data Protection Policy, we will publish the updated text here, and we will indicate the date of the last editing.

If the changes are important and significantly change our privacy rules, we will notify you in other ways, for example, by e-mail or by posting notifications on our website and / or our social networking pages before the changes take effect.

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