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GDPR and your account on EuroDom21 website

The GDPR is legislation designed to ensure confidentiality, primarily for the processing of your personal data with greater transparency and the way to use your data rights wisely.

Although it covers only citizens of any member state of the European Union, we believe that it is better to ensure the same level of use for all. For us, this is not only acceptable (since we cannot know who you are by nationality), but it is also important because we care about your privacy and security.

In order to receive our services, you must accept all of our Terms of Service (our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy), as well as RESERVATION TERMS AND RENTAL RULES

The Terms of Service say that the privacy status and our cookie policy are an integral part of our Terms of Service.

In accordance with GDPR, you must expressly consent to our processing of your personal information.


EU GDPR requires us to automatically and permanently delete inactive user accounts. If you have not visited our site within the past 18 (eighteen) calendar months, we will be legally required to delete your account.

Deletion is automatic and irreversible: we are prohibited by law from having the ability to recover user information.

If you want to prevent the deletion of your account, you just need to log in to our site. However, you are not required to make any reservations.

All accounts with which users have logged on in the last 6 months, the account is automatically deleted.

Please do not send us angry emails that we are terrible people who delete your account. We must do this because:

а. Account deletion is required by law (for a fine of up to twenty million euros);

b. You absolutely DO NOT need to book anything in order to keep your account active and prevent it from being deleted, you just need to log in at least once every 6 months.

c. Deleting inactive accounts You will be notified by email 30 days before the date of automatic deletion. Unfortunately, we cannot free you from the policy of deleting an account, even if you ask us about it. The law does not give us such an opportunity

You can exercise your Rights and personal data using our «Data Processing» page.

You can exercise your Rights and personal data using our «Data Processing» page.

You can access this page in the following ways:

  • To come in. You can find the link in the upper right part of each page of our site after logging in
  • Click on the menu item: «Data Processing», the link you can find in the upper right part of each page in the user menu of our site after logging in. Here you can specify the email address and type of request “Export” or “Delete”
  • After a request to export or delete data, you must confirm your actions by entering a confirmation code that will be sent to your email address, entering it in the columns of the «Confirm» menu form
  • You can click on the menu item «Your profile», where you will see all the parameters of your profile. By clicking on the link “Edit profile” in the upper right corner of this page, you can change your user data.

Please note that you must be logged in for the link to work. We DO NOT store personal information of individuals who do not have an account on our website. As a result, all your personal information is associated with your account. For obvious security and privacy reasons, you need to log in to our site to make sure that you control the user account for which you are trying to manage data processing settings. If you cannot log in to your account, use the links “Forgot my username” and “Forgot my password” on our website.

The following data rights are available to you:

  • Cancel or give again your consent to the processing of personal information. Please remember that without your consent we cannot allow you to use our site, because we cannot provide any services without the ability to collect your IP address in a journal for security purposes or use your personal information to respond to yours. If you cancel your consent, you can only use the released (public) version of our site until you give your consent again.

  • Export your profile with us (data transfer right). Exported data is presented in XML format using the same database keys used by the open source software on our website. Therefore, you can use it to transfer your data to another site using the same software and / or converting it to another suitable format for your purposes.

  • Delete your profile with us (the right to be forgotten). THIS IS irreversible. Use with extreme caution.

As an additional explanation, we would like to note that emails and any third-party messages are deleted immediately after we complete our communication (usually: after we send you a response). We do not keep any copies. Please keep in mind that we will NOT consider email or other third-party communications to oblige us to apply GDPR requirements. This includes the Contact Us page, which simply sends us an email and actually makes these messages unregistered. If you want to conduct communication that is official and mandatory, you MUST inform us of this in advance and expressly waive your right to be forgotten in the strict scope of this particular message.

All personal data, passwords, etc. we store in encrypted form. All information is confidential and inaccessible to the employees of our company. Through the use of an encrypted data transfer protocol and software components of the site.

You can use the service, including entering personal information, be sure that information cannot be intercepted even in public networks. All information is securely encrypted between your device and our servers.

Right to make informed choices

We always provide you with accurate information and give you the right to choose the type of personal information that we request from you. We will not use your personal data for purposes incompatible with these principles, with our Privacy Policy or with specific notices regarding our services.

We provide you with reasonable access and the ability to view, adjust, supplement, transfer or delete your specified data that we share.

All information provided by you voluntarily is necessary so that we can fulfill our obligations to you as a user of our services.