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Booking conditions and rental rules

Dear guests, please carefully read our terms and conditions for reservation and reservation of real estate, as well as the rules for renting and living in real estate you rent. These rules are MANDATORY for all customers and cannot be changed individually. Thank you for your understanding.

How to book a house or apartment

You can contact us with a request to select for you options for real estate for rent, providing the following information:

  • 1. Period of residence
  • 2. Number of guests and required bedrooms
  • 3. Type of housing
  • 4. Location
  • 5. Budget

When choosing accommodation, please take into account the reasonable ratio of guests to sleeping places. Unfortunately, we cannot offer for rent a one-bedroom apartment for 5 people or a three-bedroom house for a company of 10 guests.

Unfortunately, we will also not be able to answer you the request “Provide all possible accommodation options for a certain date”, as this is physically impossible. Try to formulate your search criteria as accurately as possible. Thank you in advance for this.

To reserve the property you have chosen, an advance payment of 30% of the total rental price is required.

For long-term leases of 3 months or more, prepayment is taken only for the first 2 months.

Without prepayment, real estate is NOT RESERVED.

Payment methods

After agreeing with the owner of the object you have chosen, we will issue you an “Prepayment Invoice”, which will need to be paid within 5 business days.


The “Prepayment invoice” issued by us will contain the following information - the payer's name and surname, for which property is paid in advance, for which period the housing is rented, and all necessary details of EvroDom21 will be provided for transferring the prepayment.

After receiving the prepayment, we will send you a “Booking Confirmation”, which will indicate your name and surname, the name of the property you have booked and the actual amount of the prepayment received from you.

All additional costs associated with money transfers (fees of the bank of the sender and the recipient, commissions of payment systems and exchange rate differences) are paid by the sender.

The remaining part of the rent is paid in cash in BGN (Euro, at the exchange rate of the Bulgarian lev) at the time of check-in (in some cases, when checking in at night - during the first 24 hours after check-in). Upon check-in, you will be issued a document confirming the payment of the second part of the rent and insurance deposit.

Security Deposit

During check-in in rental housing, all clients MUST make an insurance deposit (additional company agreement with the owner of this property)

The insurance deposit is paid in cash in any convenient currency for you (at the local currency rate lev)

If a claim arises from the landlord, after the guest leaves for the damage, the guest is responsible and makes an insurance deposit of 200 lev (100 euros) for his entire stay. This amount is a guarantee (integrity of property) is returned to you upon departure in the same currency.

What is included in the rental price?

The rental price includes ONLY RENT - that is, the ability to live in your chosen apartment or villa.

Please take into account the fact that all the housing that is offered for rent through our company EvroDom21 belongs to private individuals, and not to hotels or guest houses.

Therefore, all typical hotel services such as breakfast, daily cleaning, bed linen, etc. not included in the rental price.

Check-in and check-out procedures


Please inquire about the possible time of arrival at the accommodation you rent during the booking process.

There are several restrictions depending on the chosen housing:

  • 1. It is possible to call at any time convenient for you
  • 2. After 14:00 (if other clients leave the apartment on this day)

Information about the settlement procedure will be provided to you upon request, and also indicated in the “Prepayment invoice” issued to you.

If you yourself get to your place of residence, then notify us in advance about the exact time of your arrival.


Please inquire about the possible time of eviction from your accommodation during the booking process.

There are several restrictions depending on the chosen housing:

  • 1. It is possible at any time convenient for you (If you leave late in the evening or at night, then payment for utilities and a refund of the deposit will be made the night before)
  • 2. Until 12:00 (if other clients are settled on this day)

Information on the eviction procedure will be provided to you upon request, and also indicated in the “Prepayment invoice” issued to you.

Household appliances and equipment

All rental housing for rent is in the same condition and with the set of equipment that you see in the photographs.

Additional equipment (except for rented children's furniture) at the request of the tenant, the housing is not understaffed.

If the availability of this or that equipment in an apartment or a house is of principle to you, then inquire with us about this in advance before making a prepayment. The absence of equipment not declared in the rental housing is not the basis for any compensation, replacement of housing or rental refund..

If you identify breakdowns or malfunctioning equipment, please let us know about it and we will pass on information to the owner or company serving your home, which will need to troubleshoot, repair or replace the equipment.

Additional services

Cleaning, washing and changing bed linen.

In all houses and apartments at your disposal will be two sets of clean bedding and towels for each bedroom. You can wash your own laundry in the presence of a washing machine in your home or to the laundry.

If you rent an apartment, then almost all residential complexes have services for cleaning, washing and changing clothes. You can agree on your own, if necessary, contact us for help finding these services. Frequency of cleaning or call cleaners as needed.

If you rent a villa and you need periodic cleaning, we will help you hire cleaners and arrange their visit on a regular basis.

Attention. We are not responsible for the quality and frequency of cleaning and washing. You order this service from a third party and pay directly to it.


If the presence of the Internet in your chosen facility is vital for you, then check its availability before making a prepayment.

If there is an Internet connection in the rental housing, please check with us in advance whether this service is included in the rental price.

Children's furniture

If you need an extra crib, highchair or other additional baby equipment, we will help you contact companies that can rovide you all this for rent.

We are not responsible for:

  • 1. Weather conditions, the height of the waves and the strength of the wind, the tides and the general condition of the beach near your rental accommodation. All information about the beaches and weather conditions in Bulgaria, depending on the season, you can find yourself on the tourist Internet portals.
  • 2. For the quality and regularity of the provision of additional services (cleaning, washing, internet, television, repair work, etc.) provided by third parties.
  • 3. For the quality and condition of water in communal pools, the cleanliness of common areas and for the overall quality of the infrastructure of the residential complex.
  • 4. For timely garbage collection by municipal services or employees of the residential complex.
  • 5. For noise and smells outside the walls of your apartment or the fence of the house you rent.
  • 6. For insects, lizards and other mammals and reptiles that you may encounter on your way. For jellyfish and other representatives of marine fauna that live in Bulgaria.

Our company EvroDom21 will provide complete financial security for booking transactions made through our service.

In case of failure of the Owner to fulfill his obligations, our company guarantees a full refund, prepayment for the payment of the reservation made by you, in case of failure to fulfill the obligations of the Owner to the User.


As well as assistance in finding alternative housing urgently.

Policy Note Between USER AND OWNER

The user (guest) is the person who made the reservation of housing using the site, the Owner is the person whose property is the apartment, and he is responsible for renting this apartment.

With confirmation of the reservation, the User receives from EvroDom21 the address of the booked accommodation, as well as a description of how to get to it on his own, or our company will help arrange a transfer or car rental, which will be waiting for you in the parking lot near the airport.

  • 1. Return of the prepayment or cancellation of the reservation after transfer: The Owner Confirmed the reservation and issued an invoice (All prices are indicated and regulated by the Owner for the rental property provided to the User)

Prepayment - the amount of the first payment that must be made directly on the site. Usually it equals the amount of non-refundable deposit. If necessary, it can be changed up or down.

  • 100% (minus the transfer fee) if the refusal occurred at least 2 months before the date of arrival;
  • 50% (minus the transfer fee) if the refusal occurred at least 1 month before the date of arrival.
  • in case of cancellation less than one month prior to arrival, the prepayment is not refundable!

On the day of arrival, the guest pays the remainder of the money in the account in leva or in Euro currency at the left rate. And a refundable security deposit of 100 euros (the amount is set by the owner)

Policy between owner and user

Only the Owner is responsible for the content of all information provided on the site, as well as for the fact that he has the relevant rights and documents (categorization, home insurance, etc.). By this he confirms that he does not transfer additional costs to the User. And he has the right to completely dispose of his property. EvroDom21 is not a property owner. EvroDom21 Company and the Owner have concluded (their agreement, additional contract) for advertising this property.

Therefore, the Owner is solely responsible for the relevance of the information, the quality and condition of the housing provided for rent.

Number of guests

The owner notifies: The number of people indicated in your application is fixed. When placing more people, an additional fee will be charged for each person or it will be proposed to leave the property without compensation for the cost of rent.

Payment for an extra bed is set individually at each property.

Accommodation Services

All prices are included in the payment for water and electricity.

The cost of renting real estate includes servicing apartments: cleaning the premises, changing bed linen and towels every 7 days (by consent of the User)

Additional services are provided according to a joint agreement between the Owner and the User for an additiona.

Responsibility of the Parties

The owner reserves the right to cancel the reservation of the object, in case the user does not comply with the reservation conditions without refund of the rental amount.

The Owner provides the appropriate conditions for the operation of the User of the premises in accordance with the terms of this agreement and the specification of the property.

According to the conditions of the reservation, the User is obliged to comply with the following rules:

  • 1. To ensure the safety of the property of the apartment.
  • 2. It is strictly forbidden to re-rent the apartment to third parties.
  • 3. Do not smoke in the apartment. Smoking is allowed only on the street (reserved for this place)
  • 4. Do not make noise after 23.00.
  • 5. Be responsible for any unlawful actions, including for the actions of persons living with him, invited guests.
  • 6. No animals are allowed in the apartments without additional consent, permission from the Owner

Refundable Security Deposit

After arrival, the User makes a refundable security deposit of 200 leva or 100 euros. In the absence of claims against the User, the security deposit is fully refunded on the day of departure. If the amount of damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, the User agrees to pay the difference.

If any defects or malfunctions are detected, the User must inform the Owner by telephone, skype or email within 24 hours after arrival.

Check-in / out time

In cases of early check-in of the User (late check-out), coordinate this in advance before paying for the reservation. If the property is free, the time of arrival (departure) will be rescheduled.

Upon departure, the User is obliged to return all things to their usual places and hand over the keys personally to the Owner.

In case of failure to check in the facility within the specified period, as well as early departure from the facility due to circumstances beyond our control, the funds will not be returned to the User.

Funds are not refunded if the User is not able to move on the appointed day and time due to a delay in the vehicle’s journey, or other circumstances beyond its control. This rule also applies to early departure.

Personal safety. The safety of things. Medical insurance

The Owner is not responsible for the safety of the User’s personal belongings, the loss of keys and rented vehicles, etc

Be careful to close all windows and doors at night or during your absence.

We strongly recommend our guests to pre-arrange insurance in order to receive compensation in such cases.

Force Majeure

The owner does not take responsibility for any loss, damage or changes caused by force majeure, for example: strikes, floods, closure of airports, adverse weather conditions or similar incidents that we are not able to control.