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Dear our customers!

If you are not in Bulgaria and cannot independently make payments for taxes and support taxes to the management company, you can resort to the services of third parties. They could be neighbors in the complex, a lawyer - those you trust. Don't forget to receive scans of paid receipts by email and receive the originals upon arrival.

The EuroDom21 company is ready to make the necessary payments on your behalf, guaranteed and on time, and to send you copies of payment receipts on the same day. This is a paid service. We guarantee cleanliness and timely payments.

You can leave money to pay the necessary payments before departure or send it online (bank account, indicate the reasons for payment).

And now about which services we provide for free, and which for an additional fee.


  • consultations on buying or selling real estate in Bulgaria;
  • selection of suitable properties for sale in Bulgaria;
  • email alerts about new offers based on the criteria you specify - free for registered consumers. You can register your search parameters here;
  • email notification about price discounts for your selected properties - free for registered consumers;
  • meeting at the airport, at the bus station, at the railway station, provision of accommodation for up to 5 days (to select a property) - free of charge for clients who purchased real estate with us.
  • legal advice when buying or selling real estate in Bulgaria - free for EuroDom21 clients;
  • assistance in preparing the necessary documents for the sale of real estate - free of charge for EuroDom21 clients;
  • assistance for insurance of real estate or other movable or immovable property - free of charge. You pay the cost of the insurance premium according to the insurance company's tariff.

* NOTE. EuroDom21 clients are all individuals and legal entities who have signed an agreement with EuroDom21 for mediation in the purchase of real estate in Bulgaria. For persons who do not have concluded contracts with EuroDom21 and who are not considered clients of the company, the prices of these services for clients can be negotiated depending on the specific case.


  • transport services:

- if you use EuroDom21 transport during sightseeing tours from the office or from the meeting place to real estate, then the payment is 0.30 euros/km (payment for fuel and depreciation). This applies to viewings of those properties that are located in different localities (Sofia, Burgas and the region)

- если Вы приобретете недвижимость с нашей компанией, то все транспортные затраты, проживание (оплата одной ночи на ресепшен по тарифу комплекса) будут восстановлены (возвращены Вам);

  • меблировка недвижимости – оплата по конкретному запросу;
  • архитектурные проекты – оплата по конкретному запросу;
  • проектное консультирование – оплата по конкретному запросу.